Upcoming Events

Movie Night - The Boy Who Harnessed the Win

Friday night, May 17th
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Join us Friday night for the movie The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.  We will watch the movie and then have a discussion following.
Watch the trailer here


UOTA Service Saturday for A Little Help

Saturday, May 18th
8:00 a.m. at South High School

Service Saturdays! are twice-yearly events providing volunteer assistance for seniors with various home maintenance jobs, cleaning, organizing, raking, and other household tasks. Event volunteers join trained A Little Help volunteers to form small teams and tackle a multitude of tasks. A Little Help Service Saturdays! are great opportunities to pitch in and help your neighbors. We welcome volunteers from companies, churches, groups, families, and individuals. We appreciate your help to serve and celebrate the older adults in our communities!
Service Saturday! provides an excellent opportunity for A Little Help members to receive assistance with various home maintenance jobs, such as inspecting handrails, cleaning cupboards and refrigerators, de-cluttering closets, washing windows, dusting cobwebs, touching up paint, polishing furniture and floors, cleaning rugs, organizing paperwork, and just overall yard work.
If you are able, please bring any yard work materials you can.
Wear your UOTASC T-Shirt and meet us at South High School at 8:00 AM


Religious Diversity and Inclusion Conversation

Sunday, May 26th
Noon - 2:00 p.m.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION: a non-political, spiritually minded conversation of AGNT’s S.U.M. (Social Uplift Ministry) on Religious Diversity and Inclusivity. 
~This is a community wide discussion 
Religious diversity is the fact that there are significant differences in religious belief and practice; thoughtful people ask what this means to society. Pluralistic approaches say that one religion is as good as any other. In contrast, exclusivist approaches say that only one religion is uniquely valuable. Finally, inclusivist theories try to steer a middle course by agreeing with exclusivism that one religion has the most value while also agreeing with pluralism that others still have significant religious value..
Awareness and understanding of the underlying issues of religious diversity is key to healing conflict—these sessions will go a long way to increase understanding and catalyze productive questions we can hold as a community.


You can make a difference!

When:  3rd Thursday each month 10 - noon
Where:  FERN Warehouse 2830 South Zuni St, Englewood, CO
Join Unity on the Avenue Spiritual Center Outreach Project for Colorado Feeding Kids
Each month we assemble Family Meal Packs which are distributed through local schools for those students in need to have meals at home. Each Family Meal Pack contains 18 meals plus snacks.
Contact Mark Moyle for more information 720.472.1473