Our Staff

Our Staff: 

Lisa McLean, Administrator
Lisa is the face of Unity on the Avenue Spiritual Center.  Need something?  She is there to assist you with a smile!  Lisa works along side of the minister and board of trustees to ensure the smooth operation of our Spiritual Center.  She helps coordinate our volunteer teams and creates a welcoming space for all those who come by our office.  Her hours are T-Th 10 AM – 3 PM
Rev. Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus, Associate Minister
All my life I have aspired to a higher calling.  First, it was to traditional medicine, and I answered that call by becoming a pediatrician.  After more than a decade of work as a practicing pediatrician, I became greatly disturbed by the lack of understanding of the underlying causes of the suffering of so many children.  Once again, I sought an answer to my life purpose, and I heard Spirit’s call to deepen my spiritual life:  I became an Ordained Unity minister.  My service as a minister opened me to my own inner spiritual essence as I sought to help people heal from the wounds of human life.
Although my spiritual work caused me to wake up to a higher consciousness, I came to realize that I still wasn’t quite in alignment with my true purpose.  Even with all its inconsistencies, I missed working with people in a holistic medical setting.  Over these last 15 plus years, I have explored various holistic approaches to healing.  First, it was through homeopathy that I discovered the innate wholeness of each human.  Practicing the art of medicine as a homeopath broadened my perceptions of the amazing interconnectedness of the human body, mind and spirit.  Many people were healed through my work as a homeopath.
Now I continue to expand my love for both ministry and holistic medicine here at Unity on the Avenue Spiritual Center as the Associate Minister.  I can serve this community with the compassion of our Master Teacher, Jesus, and support the ministry as I am called forward to do so.  Healing comes in all forms; of the mind, of the body and of the Spirit.  I serve this ministry knowing the Truth of God’s unconditional love for all of humanity. 
Amy Makuimidze, Youth Director
Teaching Children to Serve Humanity
Amy loves our children and will love yours too!   She understands that our children are our future and knows that the tools and teachings they receive will help them along every step of their path from toddler all the way to adulthood.  Each child is accepted for who they are and they are affirmed of their Divinity in a positive and nurturing environment.   (I will get more off her resume for you)