Ministerial High

Dear Unity Family,  

Last week 20 members of Unity on the Avenue from Denver, CO stood in awe and admiration of our beloved minister, Susan Gumm, as we witnessed her ordaination as a Unity Minister. The chills are still running down my spine thinking of the joy present on Susan's face Thursday afternoon and our collective pride. The ever-present Spirit of Love permeated the space, joy abounded and broke into song for all 7 of the celebrants and their families and friends.

An auspicious moment in time for each newly ordained minister, to be sure, but also, a great moment of community. Coming together to witness this moment of passage inspires all of us to reach for our dreams. Susan's journey has been a long one and to be with her as she crossed to the next step of her dream inspires all of us to remember those long-held dreams in our hearts.

The trip to Unity Village, visiting the historic sites of our founders, Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, was also uplifting and inspirational. There is a lovely peace on the grounds of Unity Village. Although the rose gardens are yet to bloom and the fountains are yet to flow, the quiet beauty of the grounds held an embrace of the spirit, a sense of renewal, and a promise of new life.

One of my favorite parts of the tour of the Village was our behind the scenes look at Silent Unity. 127 years of uninterrupted 24/7 silent prayer! This is our heritage! We were honored to view a prayer associate sitting in the silence praying; we saw the telephone room where many of us have called and heard those comforting words, "How may we pray with you today?"; we saw the people who were going through the three week training to become Silent Unity prayer associates. A beautiful silence, a peaceful presence is in this place.

Friday morning we 20 gathered in the Fillmore Chapel with Rev. Susan for a private prayer and consecration service. I will say this: words cannot describe the Love flowing between us during this time together. We will be sharing more and bringing to our Unity on the Avenue family the ceremony we experienced that morning. This much Love is meant to be given away!

Exciting time lie ahead for our Unity on the Avenue family. So glad you are here to add to the Joy!

Much love,