Upcoming Events

Celebrating Rev. Dr. David Goldberg’s Ministry at Unity on the Avenue

Sunday December 11th
After Service

We invite you to join us for a celebration party for Rev. Dr. David.  He’s given so much to our Unity on the Avenue community for more than 2 ½ years with his ministerial talents and dedicated service.   Join us after our 12pm Sunday service for a party to honor him and to share our blessings on his move as the Senior Minister at Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies (UR) in Colorado Springs.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Colorado Gives

Now through December 6th

Dear UOTA Community,
We begin this holiday season with excitement—the excitement of the holidays we will share together a wonderful opportunity to multiply your year-end gift to Unity on the Avenue Spiritual Center.

As you consider your year-end gift to UOTA, please consider a gift to our general fund through the statewide donation-drive program, Colorado Gives Day, from now until Tuesday, December 6. All donations during this time counts toward Colorado Gives Day. This is the first year you have had the opportunity to multiply your gifts in this way. You will be amplifying both your generosity and your church’s abundance.

Simply visit www.coloradogives.org/organization/unityontheavenue
from now until December 6, 2022, click on Donate.

Every donation made from now through December 6 on ColoradoGives.org counts toward Colorado Gives Day and gets a boost from the $1.4 Million-plus Incentive Fund!

In addition, there are three grand prizes: $5,000, $10,000, and $15,000. UOTA will be automatically entered into this random drawing if we receive at least 30 donations on Colorado Gives Day, December 6.

In the past year, we have served thousands of souls in one way or another—through our services, classes, book club, community outreach, and partnering with other churches and community groups to use our buildings and outdoor spaces.

Our life-affirming work is supported by your loving and generous offerings. Please give as your grateful spirit leads you and as you are able. We know that money is God in action, and we remain grateful for your generosity and loving consciousness.

In her book, The Five Principles, Rev. Ellen Debenport writes, “We are living in an ocean of love and abundance in which we cannot fail!”

We are looking forward to seeing you in person and surrounding you all with love this holiday season.

Rev. Doris Hoskins, UOTA Co-Minister
Lisa Carpenter, Co-President, UOTA Board of Trustees
Heidi Huisjen, Co-President, UOTA Board of Trustees


“Christmas Party in a Bag” Drive

through December 18th

This Christmas, the UOTA outreach team will be compiling and delivering “Christmas Party in a Bag” to the Park Hill Residence in lieu of the annual Christmas party, due to health concerns. The bags will include goodies the residents can use, such as personal-care items, as well as fun items. In addition, we’ll be filling in with things we get thru Amazon or Dollar Tree. Park Hill Residence is a low-income assisted-living place run by Senior Housing Options.

We will be gathering personal-care items, Amazon and Dollar Tree gift cards, and monetary donations for the next three Sundays, December 4, 11, and 18. Please consider donating to this worthy cause. The residents so appreciate what we have done over the years. 



Where to Watch On-Line Services

If you miss a Sunday morning lesson, you can always watch past lessons on our Facebook and YouTube Pages. Click on the icons below.


UOTA Commitment Form

Please fill out and return to Unity on the Avenue so our board can get a picture for budgeting purposes for 2022.  Thank you.