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SpiritGroups give you an opportunity to connect with people in a deep, meaningful, and fulfilling way. They create a safe space where you are heard, appreciated, and loved for who you are. They are designed to inspire infinite connections, one small group at a time, by coming together in a spirit of love and support.

Unity on the Avenue SpiritGroups include videos and discussions, as well as planning a social event, participating in a service project for the greater community, and holding a Celebration Sunday to share the love within the SpiritGroup with the Unity community. 

Currently, UOTA is finishing up two SpiritGroups: “Twelve Powers for Our Planet” and “Transformed by Truth.” The groups are now engaged in the related social events and community service projects, which they expect to complete over the next few weeks. These projects include cleaning up an area of roadway that often has lots of litter and having a picnic at City Park. The groups have already gone to dinner and visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, where they saw the film, “Cities of the Future.” 

The next SpiritGroups will begin in June; topics to be determined. 

For more information and to sign up for a SpiritGroup, please send an email to Lori Smith, smith2960@comcast.net.


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