Board of Trustees


Mark Moyle, Vice President 
Mark has been with UOTA for almost 4 years. After retiring from running his own sporting goods store for more than 35 years, he wanted to give back to the community, seek a new spiritual path, and belong to a place where that was possible. He enjoys sharing the task of maintaining the grounds with Scott Smith, working with the Outreach program to help those less fortunate individuals, and is keen on the UOTA book club.





Lisa Carpenter

Lisa has been a member of Unity for the past 16 years. She was a member of Unity of Fox Valley in Illinois for 14 years and served on the Board as Treasurer. During her time there, Lisa volunteered on numerous projects and teams. She was also in charge of the Book Store and Cafe. Lisa taught classes on Essential Oils for several years and which contributed to a $10,000 a year income for the church. She has been attending Unity on the Avenue Spiritual Center since moving to Denver 2 years ago and has served on the Welcoming Committee for the past year. Lisa is honored to be of service.

Ken Bradley, Treasurer

Kenward Bradley joined Unity on The Ave in 1998. He is honored to be able to serve his spiritual community as a member of the board and currently serves as treasurer. He believes that UOTA is a very special spiritual community that touches the lives of many souls each month. 
Ken is founder and President of Colorado Feeding Kids and is active in the Kiwanis club. 
He is married to Susan Gao and has 5 grand children.
His passionate hobby is painting.  He also enjoys travel and spending time with his grand children.

Carol Braun, Keeper of the Flame

Carol has been with UOTA for about 13 years. She knew she had finally found her spiritual home the minute she walked through the door. She found New Thought thinking when she was an Anthropology major working summers as a forest fire lookout while reading Thoreau and Emerson. Almost immediately, Carol had some prayers powerfully answered.
She was a gynecologist in my career and I led the department for about 8 years at Kaiser Permanente. Carol reminds us that divine order is in all things and our job is to adjust and find the gifts that change brings. 


Thank you for your service on the board!
Board service is for 6 years - positions are 2 years.