Board of Trustees


Ustaine Talley,  President

As a member of the Board of Trustees, I’m committed to seeing that our Spiritual Center provides the best possible opportunities for people to be involved in meaningful activities that make them grow in the direction of their dreams.  Whether that is a dynamic lesson, a thoughtful and engaging class, a volunteer project, an uplifting musical selection or stirring meditation, my hope is that each one finds that which enriches them at Unity on the Avenue.


Mark Moyle, Vice President 

Serving on the leadership team is being able to contribute to the community and a vibrant spiritual organization. It is a chance to make a positive influence on the direction of the growth of the fellowship and the smooth operation of the business end of the structure.





Linda MarsolekSecretary 

It is very satisfying to serve on the leadership team at Unity on the Avenue. It is a New Thought church community that offers a practical approach to a spiritual life. It incorporates the teachings of Jesus at a deep level, while at the same time honoring the Oneness of all paths leading to God. Our ministers are such excellent, inspiring teachers. We are an integral part of the Park Hill and surrounding communities, reaching out to the youth and older people, and all ages in between. I came from a much larger New Thought church two years ago, and am so pleased to be a part of the leadership for this jewel of a church right here in our local community.

Ken Bradley, Treasurer

It is my great pleasure to be able to serve on the Leadership Team of Unity on the Ave.

This is my spiritual home and where we all work together to maximize the experience of our amazing community.

Unity on the Ave's contribution to the world is far greater than one may expect from a Spiritual Center of this size.

It is a loving and safe space for growth, learning and service.


Carol Braun, Keeper of the Flame

I am honored to serve on the board of Unity on the Avenue, my spiritual home.  I serve because Unity has forever changed my life for the better. It is a supportive community which transforms us and our world by teaching us to unconditionally love ourselves and all others especially through prayer and meditation.


Thank you for your service on the board!
Board service is for 6 years - positions are 2 years.
President's Report 12.19

As we come to the time of the year when our personal spiritual rebirthing takes place, we also claim that our Spiritual Center is undergoing it’s own rebirthing.  Let’s review what has happened this year. We have revitalized several key areas in 2019.  The Welcome Team has new leadership that is warm, gracious and outgoing.  Snack and Chat was reintroduced in a group format that is thriving and results in lovely and innovative lunches. Exciting conversation was added with the Fall Program. The Music Team has introduced variety through the guest musicians and enhanced and expanded their own presentations (Greg’s singing!).  We are continuing to concentrate on Souls Served and find that the process is changing how we view ourselves as a service community.  Community Relations and Outreach joined the Child Rescue Foundation which has allowed us to serve children with donations to ongoing and rotating projects. We chose to participate in AGNT’s new program Social Uplift Ministry by presenting discussions on religious diversity, race, homelessness and other areas on a quarterly basis.  In the new Unity EarthCare Program, a new Green Team has been assembled and is in the formative stages. We experimented with a monthly Movie Night. We are in the planning stages of launching the Connection Café featuring conversation and coffee in a format still under development.  The Om Hour transitioned to the Gong Bath and to two nights a month instead of one and has attracted a whole new enthusiastic crowd.  We piloted a new Events Coordinator in a three month trial during which we learned a great deal to apply to the program we reintroduce in 2020. And we should note that areas and teams not mentioned have been steady and bedrock strong (Chaplains  Program, Facilities and Maintenance, Sunday Celebration, etc.).

This has all happened in a year when the Leadership Team has intended that we experience a quiet and healing year to settle all of the upheaval that came in 2018.  I cannot wait to see what happens after we plan our program and calendar for 2020 on January 17 at our Vision Retreat!  Whatever we choose, I expect us to go from Hot to White Hot!