Rock Solid Truth

Blog by Rev Susan

I have been pondering all the ideas being discussed in order to find solutions to curb mass shootings, and while I was meditating today the parable from Matthew 7:24 came to my mind.  It is the parable about the choice between building a house on rock or sand.  The rock is a metaphor for Spiritual Truth that is the foundation upon which we can stand at all times knowing that it is immoveable.  The sand is a metaphor for shifting ideas and the instability which comes from a superficial life that is without a sound spiritual foundation.  The house is a metaphor for our lives. We have many areas (rooms) in our life that co-exist together; relationships, health, career, spirituality, and so on.  When we are 'awake' we realize that the same foundation supports every room equally, just as God is equally present everywhere.  You see...and this may be a stretch...but the metaphysical meaning that came to me is that this parable is about an unerring guide to the solution of our problems.  If our solutions are based on Truth (rock), the Truth that we stand upon, and not the shifting sands of emotion and the whims of  'just get it done', then we begin to have spiritual maturity to really solve issues.  The Fillmore Study bible reminds us, "We must be 'teachable'.  We must lean into the knowledge of God and be illumined with wisdom and understanding.  It is our responsibility to learn the truth concerning the needs to be done, and to allow follow up with our knowledge by doing our part in accordance with the direction of Spirit."  When we come together in one-mindedness, and stand on rock solid Truth, we will find solutions to humanities struggles, sufferings, and injustices. Let's see the how the foundation of Truth leads us to right decisions and right actions.