Minister’s Class ~ Creating the Beloved Community

Based on Book 2 of Rev. Dr. Jim Lockhard's Creating the Beloved Community which is Being the Beloved Community. Jim is an author, speaker, teacher and CLS minister. The current focus of his ministry is to assist ministers and all spiritual leaders to be the best versions of themselves and to have the tools to be effective in our current changing times. I chose him to be the keynote speaker for the Unity Worldwide Minister's recent convention in Kansas City. I believe that the information Jim presents is key to successful churches in the 21st Century. We have begun some of these wonderful ideas and will adopt others as appropriate.

Perhaps as you read some of these topics you will think you don't need to know that...whatever "that" is. As a member of any community it's important that you have all of the information about the communities that you belong to.

We will follow the book each week in the class which will be downstairs in Friendship Hall at 1:00pm Mountain Time and also on Zoom. If you would like the link to join us virtually please just contact the office or Doris.