A Complete Cycle

We are in the season of Lent, and for us in Unity it is a time for reflection as we prepare to awaken and resurrect the Christ light within us.  Lent is forty days which metaphysically means, "completeness, or to indicate a completed preparation for something to follow."  Moses was on the mountain for forty days and forty nights, the Israelites wondered in the wilderness for forty years, Ezekiel bared the punishment of Judah for forty days, Jonah walked for forty days to Nineveh, and Jesus spent forty days and forty night in the wilderness. 

So what might this mean for us in 2020?  It indicates our willingness to use these forty days as a preparation for spiritual renewal of mind, body, and spirit.  In his book, Keep a True Lent, Charles Fillmore (co-founder of Unity) states, "Lent is...a preparation for the resurrection of the mind from the darkness of its errors, doubts, and false beliefs into the light of understanding." 

During this Lenten season we can celebrate the abundance of life; the flow of birthing, dying, and rebirth.  It is not about 'giving up', but it is about 'adding unto'.  It is not about sacrifice, but it is about joyously participating in the beauty of our world so that we may lift our awareness to the cycle of abundance and bounty around us every day.   I invite you this week into two practices:  first, notice the beauty in nature around you each day and give thanks for universal abundance, and secondly, add a spiritual practice to your daily routine...yoga, meditation time, sacred remembering, using a gratitude journal, etc.   As you participate in these excerises of the mind, body and spirit notice this week how your awareness becomes more mindful and you find yourself releasing fear, doubt, and negative thinking.   Namaste'