The Calling

Blog by Rev Susan/Have you ever felt compelled to do something that is out of your comfort zone?  Have you ever had a strong intuition to go somewhere or not go somewhere; or to do something or not do something; and you ignored your inner guidance?  What did you experience when you disregarded that intuition? When we are in-tune with our inner voice, our true self, we find that we are called into things that may seem a little uncomfortable. It's in the discomfort that we tend to ignore our inner voice and later discover, "I knew that is what I should have done! (or not done)."  When we face that discomfort, that edginess and say 'yes', it is where God is calling us deeper to experience ourselves, our world and the sacred.  So what is a calling?  What is required when we feel that nudge?  Many of us may think that when Spirit calls us deeper we need to leave what we know behind and go off somewhere...yet, that is not always what is required of us.  In her book, "Entering the Castle", writer Caroline Myss says, "When the call comes, it is virtually certain that it will not ask you to renounce your family and friends and get to a nunnery." [or go to the top of a mountain].  What I know from my own experiences of my callings is that God will take us one step at a time into the journey.  When we listen to the call and answer the nudge, miraculous things begin to unfold in our consciousness and in our lives.  Are you game to follow your callings?  What does that look like and feel like?.  A practice you could use this week is to keep a little journal of your yearnings and nudgings and listen to them in your daily mediations.  Ask, "is this what I am being called into?"  When you ask, you will receive; heaped up, pressed down and flowing over!  Ask, listen and then move your feet!