Big with Blessings

Blog by Rev Susan/

With Labor Day weeked and school back in session, we begin to focus on fall.  Fall is a time when we rejoice in our labors; harvest time of old and a time of renewal for us today, perhaps even a time for us to return to learning.  I love fall as the crisp air and turning leaves remind me of my childhood in Michigan when my father would take us to the cider mill.  I can almost smell the fresh hot donuts and taste the homemade apple cider thinking about those times.  What are your fond memories of fall?  How does this season invite you into new explorations of your spiritual journeys?  Do you stop and pause and give thanks for your blessings and abundance? Blessings are a way to consecrate, sanctify, purify, and heal.   We can participate in blessings as we practice gratitude for what we have and hold.  Then in that sense of wonder and abundance, we can bless those on he streets pan-handling, those in the grocery store, those who suffer in our world, those whom we love.  We can learn this art of holding so much gratitude in our heart that blessings just spill forth.  The Truth is anyone can offer a blessing because anyone can share the presence of God, the light within, with others.  Our practice is to silently bless them as we pass people by, as we speak with others, as we pray for those in our world.  Being a blessing begins with our own practice of gratitude for all we have, then we can express that gratitude as the presence of God, the face of God, to all our world.  Have fun and be BIG with blessings every day.