Rev. Dr. David Goldberg

Dr. David Goldberg is passionate about people and servant leadership in both the spiritual and secular environments. He is an ordained minister with four earned degrees, including a Bachelor’s in Journalism; a Masters in Communication; a Masters in Consciousness Studies and a Ph.D. in Ethical and Creative Leadership with a concentration in Creativity, Diversity and Social Justice. His area of study is the intersection of spirituality and leadership.
Most recently, Dr. David was the Publisher & Editor of Science of Mind magazine, the second-largest digest-sized magazine in the United States. The 80,000 people who read the magazine in all its forms were his congregants. The magazine’s social media pages had more than 400,000 followers. He interviewed and wrote stories about Deepak Chopra; Michael Beckwith; Lynne McTaggert; Don Miguel Ruiz; Roger Teel; Eben Alexander; Temple Hayes; Michael Gott and Mark Nepo, among many other New Thought luminaries and leaders. 
Dr. David has 40 years of experience in all aspects of leadership development, communication and public relations, including executive roles with Up with People; American Cancer Society; U S WEST/Qwest Communications; Coors Brewing Company and Johns-Manville Corporation, among others.
A sought-after keynote speaker and workshop leader, Dr. David has spoken at gatherings and conventions throughout the U.S., China, Russia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  Most recently he presented at International Brain Summit in Sanya, China; The I Can Do It Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics in Cincinnati, OH; Asilomar, CA, and the Big Sky Retreat in Big Sky, Montana.
A world traveler, Dr. David has visited 70 countries for service, business and pleasure.  Most recently he worked with K-12 students at a school outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. David has also served HIV-positive orphans and taught in Kibera, Kenya and spent time in Paris and Chartres, France, leading to his certification as a Labyrinth Facilitator. He is a founding board member of the Up With People International Alumni Association and served on the board of the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking.
Learn more at www.DrDavidSGoldberg.com or Facebook.com/DavidSGoldberg.

Rev. Doris Hoskins

Ordained a Unity Minister in 1994, Rev. Doris began her ministry by co-founding High Country Unity in Littleton (now Unity of Littleton). In 2012, she completed her Masters at Fielding University in Santa Barbara, Californi
a, with a degree in Organizational Management and Development with an emphasis in Integral Studies. 

Rev. Doris is the creator and author of An Integral Approach to Creating Sustainable Prosperity, a 12-week prosperity program recommended by Unity Worldwide Ministries, and which she has taught as adjunct faculty for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. 

She is the First-Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Unity Worldwide Ministries and will become Chair of the Board in June. She is currently a Minister-at-Large in the greater Denver area, and serves as a Minister of Record to two Denver-area Churches and as a mentor for ministers for UWM.

She is the creator of the Harmony Pendant, www.harmonypendants.com.

Rev. Doris describes herself as an authentic, creative visionary committed to service and making a difference in the world.