Holy Week Memories

Sunday was Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. I was raised Roman Catholic, attended parochial school, so Holy Week was a very big deal at school and at home. My Mother and I attended Holy Week services together from the time I can remember. We would be at Holy Thursday services; spend three hours from noon to 3pm at church on Good Friday; sit an hour vigil on Holy Saturday; and put on our newest Sunday best on Easter Sunday morning to attend Mass with the whole family! I'm sure that my Dad and some of my sisters and brothers attended some of those services with us over the years, but in my memory, it is me and Mom - sitting in silence and praying.

I loved Holy Week and I loved attending those services with my Mother. We often talked about it in later years and laughed at how things changed from when she was young and everything was in Latin - and much was still in Latin when I was young too - to when everything went to English and the times for the Holy Week services were less intense. I think of those precious hours we sat in church. She rarely had time to herself. There was my Dad and Mom and eight of us on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. Mom never stopped working. In some ways it must have been a releif for her to just be.

My Mother still attends Mass every Sunday at the home where she is an Alzheimer's patient. She no longer has the option or ability to attend Holy Week services. Palm Sunday kicks off those memories for me and I will hold her in my heart this week as we ready for Easter.

Easter Sunday here at Unity on the Avenue will be a day where we are Ready to Soar! Come join us. Bring your families, your children and create Easter memories with our community.

Much love,