Awakening to all that is Sacred ~ Laura Glaves

As a Unity prayer chaplain, I receive the topic of our minister’s sermon days before I am to give the opening prayer. Today’s topic asks us to contemplate the word sacred. I consider all of life and love to be sacred. I marvel at the miracle of life on this planet and of life at the microscopic level. As a nurse, I have witnessed many transitions involving birth and death. Both of these experiences felt profoundly sacred. My best examples of love come from family, and yet there are so many types of families. I borrowed some phrases from a mediation by Rev. Ebert on relationships for my prayer as seen below. God Bless, Laura Glaves


Prayer for April 8, 2018


Let us open our hearts and minds to the Living Spirit alive in us right now. We align ourselves with this Holy Presence. Thank you Spirit for our awakening to all that is sacred. I feel a sense of wonder and awe at the miracle of life: our life on this planet, so perfectly aligned within our solar system. I marvel at the perfection of our bodies down to the workings of every molecule and cell.


I give thanks for each child that’s born and for their unique offerings. We take care of each other and model loving kindness. I give thanks to the Divine Mother who has birthed us and given us great work to do. We all serve as blessings to one another. I give thanks for the human family and our church family, and for those we are attracting into our lives. I give thanks for Divine guidance, as I recognize the serendipities, coincidences, and sychronicities so perfectly orchestrated for my highest good. We are all blessed member’s of God’s family, and I see the face of the Divine everywhere I go.


And so it is. Amen.